The Rodgau-S-Bahn is located in the Rhine-Main region east of Frankfurt am Main.

It begins in the mainstation of Offenbach/Main and leads over Obertshausen, Rodgau to Rödermark Ober Roden (route number 3661). In Offenbach-Bieber a part of the track branches off to Dietzenbach via Heusenstamm (route number 3662).

The German Bundesbahn runs the routes as KBS 645.1 (to Rödermark-Ober Roden) and KBS 645.2 (to Dietzenbach).

The track length of the route from Offenbach to Rödermark-Ober Roden is 22 km, and to Dietzenbach 14.2 km.

On December, 14 2003 the railway Rodgau-S-Bahn was opend. Since then, the two lines S1 (Wiesbaden-Rödermark) and S2 (Niedernhausen-Dietzenbach) are managed by DB Regio.

The relevant transport network is the Rhine-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV). As trains BR 420 and BR 423 are in use.

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